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We empower investors with streamlined ways to select and manage investments, from anywhere.

We’ve established a track record of high-performing investments by buying right, managing risk and enhancing revenue.

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Our growth is founded on our track record, our integrity and our client service.

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The amount Origin’s two principals have committed in Fund III
(as of September, 2016)

We’re the most aligned investment platform in the category.

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We're set up for the investor to win:
Lower fees, direct access and active management.

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Deep local market knowledge.
Ron R.
Investor for 4 ½ years
Complete transparency
with investors.
Charlie G.
Investor for 2 years
Substantial alignment of interests.
Shea S.
Investor for 4 ½ years
"You can’t know a market just by reading analysis. You’ve got to know the feel of the place, how people live there. Origin is very sophisticated about understanding each transaction at that level."
"The information on Origin’s portal tells you everything there is to know - what they’re buying, why they’re buying it and when they’re going to sell it."
"Origin’s capital being alongside mine gives me a lot of confidence. It means they take a personal outlook on investments, and it makes their recommendations that much stronger."

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